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  • 13 Nights In Makkah
  • 3 Nights in Madina
  • Return Flights
  • Hotels Stay
  • Full Transport
  • Hajj Visa
  • Hajj Draft
  • Free Medical
  • Hajj Saminar

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Day to Day Itinerary


If you are at London Heathrow Airport: We will meet and provide full transport to Depart for Jeddah Airport. Throughout the journey for pilgrimage benefit there will be ground staff to guide and help you with any queries you have from UK till you return back home. Arrive at Hajj Terminal. Please note during Hajj there can be a waiting. Our experience staff provides you luxury accommodation in the Makkah and medina hotels at affordable rate.

Rest day & Group lecture: we will advise on preparation for Hajj in the evening.

3 day & Group lecture: hajjumrahpackage will be advised on preparation for Hajj by the Group Leader in the evening.

Group Lecture for memorable trips.

5 day & Group lecture: Rest day & Group lecture / we give advice on preparation for Hajj & departure to Mina. The Group Leader will advise approx. time of departure for Mina according to Ministry

You can do your own ibidah on the 6 day

Travel to Mina: After fajar we will leave for MINA.

Arafat Day: After Fajar, We leave for Arafat. Our experience team full transport to departure for Arafat according to Ministry. Spend the 9th day in Arafat Leaving Arafat after magrib and travel to Muzdilfah. Stay in Muzdlifah and collect stones.

Leave to Mina after Sun rise and do Rumi at Jamarat, Shave Hair, Qurabani, go to Makkah for tawaf e ziyarah & return to Mina, there is no transport from Jamara to Minat & on return from Makkah to Mina no transport is provided.

 Do Rumi at jamarat and spend 10 and 11th day in Mina

This will be the third day of Jamarat. Once we have stoned all three jamarat then we leave Mina for Makkah before sunset. Full Transport will be given of Muslim.

12 rest day in Makkah & stay in the Makkah hotel (Burj Al Sultan) to Madina Hotle.

Check out from Makkah then travel to Madinah trough the minibus and coach & Check-In "Al Mukhtara International"

14- 15 are the rest day.

Group lecture on the 15 and 16 Dhulhajjah

Hajj Umrah Package will provide comfortable travel from Madina airport to Jeddah airport (Domestic flight) by Saudi Airways & then form Jeddah to London Heathrow.


  • Mobark Plaza
  • Mobark Plaza
  • Mobark Plaza
  • Mobark Plaza
  • Mobark Plaza
  • Mobark Plaza
  • Mobark Plaza
  • Mobark Plaza
  • Mobark Plaza
  • Mobark Plaza

Mobark Plaza (Makkah)

City : Makkah
Distance : 10.mints.walk


  • Al Sham Hotel

Al Sham Hotel (Madinah)

City : Madinah
Distance : 2 Minutes Walk

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